Gunma Izumi Yamahai Honjozo 1800ml

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Gunma Izumi Yamahai Honjozo 1800ml

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群馬泉 山廃 本醸造


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Grade/Type: Honjozo
Alcohol Content: 15.%
Acidity: 1.6
SMV: +3.0
Rice/Ingredients:                      Wakamizu
Rice Polishing: 60%




Gunma Izumi Yamahai Honjozo is characterized by its sour and deep flavour, which has been brewed using the traditional method, Yamahai. It is aged on a yearly basis until shipment and may be allowed to age for more than 3 years until the brewery is satisfied.

Gunma Izumi Yamahai Honjozo is a gem that you can enjoy the taste of a good Yamahai Sake. Gentle aroma, smooth mouthfeel, plump umami and crispness, it has a taste of acidity and ripening, and it has a slightly rich taste.

If you warm it, the flavour will increase and you will feel a smooth body. You will not get tired of drinking it.